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Friday, June 3, 2011

Open Letter To Etsy

I am posting this open letter to Etsy that was written by a team member of the Aspiring Metalsmiths Team.  It is absolutely unbelievable what Etsy has done to this lady.  She has (had) an amazing shop with over 2000 sales and never a negative feedback or complaint.  THEY CLOSED HER SHOP!!!  All on the word of 1 customer who had already posted positive feedback for the product she received. 

Please read the letter and you will see the entire chain of events.  If you are as shocked - and mad- as I am about the way this amazing Etsy shop owner is being treated, copy and post this letter on your blog.   It seems that the only way Etsy is going to listen is if this thing goes viral and they end up with a lot of really pissed off shop owners. 

Dear Etsy,
As much as I hate to bring our personal business into the public realm, you really have given me no choice. Phone calls, emails, and a fax have gone unanswered.

Here are the facts as backed up by transaction #, feedback left, and times and dates of convo's:
Jan 25th, 2011 - Transaction ID 42491682 - Sterling Silver Hammered Cuff Bracelet was ordered by buyer. It was shipped on 1/28./11 via USPS 1st Class Mail International.
Many convo's back and forth regarding shipping delay due to horrible weather on the east coast, and Canadian customs. I felt so bad about the shipping delay, and while she seemed to understand and was a congenial customer, I offered to send her a free sterling cuff as I felt bad about the delay. Sent new bracelet on 2/13/11.
Feb 17, 2011  - Positive feedback left for transaction:
Item was delayed in shipping but that was beyond sellers control. She compensated for the delay and was an open communicator. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her store again.
At the time, I felt I was being played, as she suddenly received the 1st bracelet after I shipped the 2nd free bracelet. I thought "Oh Well, live and learn".

March 9, 2011 - received convo from buyer that free bracelet had not arrived. Told her to please let me know when it arrived.

May 4, 2011 - Received a very rude convo from buyer saying she still had not received her free bracelet. (2 months later??)

May 4, 2011 - Buyer files a dispute with Etsy. Dispute uses transaction ID# for the original piece she purchased, received, loved, and left positive feedback for.

May 4th - May 31, 2011 - Many replies on dispute page between buyer and seller. She was rude, defametory, and liable. She will not close the case until I send her another bracelet.

June 1, 2011 - Etsy closed my shop due to the dispute.

June 1 , 2011 to present - Many emails to etsy support, phone messages left on Etsy's voicemail, and a fax sent to their fax number - no response whatsoever.

I have tried really hard not to become angry over this. Everytime I log on to Etsy, I get a notice telling me my shop has been suspended, and to please check my email for more details. I have checked my email, my spam folder, etc - and have not received a single email from Etsy regarding this issue (other than the updates to the Claim posted by the buyer). When I go to read the forum for my metalsmithing team, there is a message that tells me "You don't have permission to participate in this discussion." - talk about demeaning. One would think that Etsy would at least evaluate a complaint for merit before closing down a successful shop with over 2000 sales, and over 1200 positive feedback. The buyer has 6 feedback, and should be banned for falsifying a claim, if not for her vitriolic, abusive convo's.

Etsy, I want to believe that no one there knows what is going on - that this is all some kind of automated computer program thing. I will really be angry if I find out that there is someone there that knows the details of this mess, and is choosing to allow it to continue. Part of being in a handmade community is actually being human. Maybe I should just go over to artfire and market myself there, as well as let all my 2000 buyers know why I left Etsy. I don't want to be that kind of person, but I feel my hand is being forced by your unresponsiveness. After 3 years, I deserve a response.