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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Ok, I quit making New Year Resolutions a long time ago because I never kept them.  That being said, I am going to try again this year (I feel the stress already!).  My New Year Resolution is to blog more often - There, I said it!!!  

I absolutely LOVE reading other people's blogs and then I end up thinking about my own poor neglected blog.  I don't know why I procrastinate so bad when it comes to writing in my blog - Maybe I just don't feel like I have anything interesting to say - at least not interesting enough that other people will actually want to read it.  But, I am going to put my feelings of inadequacy aside and write in my blog at least once a week.  (I'm starting to sweat!)  

Ok, here goes:

I decided before Christmas that I really needed to take a break to regain my sanity.  I made a decision to stay away from the studio and not think about jewelry making for at least 2 weeks.  That plan isn't working out so well because I keep having these "ideas" bouncing around in my head and then I think, "Oh, I'll just take a minute and jot this down", and then I'm on the computer looking for supplies..................you get the idea!  

I'm already 1 week into my break and I haven't gotten a single thing done around my house that I was going to do.  I had really BIG plans - paint the living room and kitchen, catch up on mending, make curtains for the dining room and living room, refinish pieces that I want to sell in my booth at Oregon Street Antique Mall.........  The reality is:  I've gone shopping (a few times!), I've done some crocheting, reading, jotting down jewelry ideas, sitting with the dogs, and messing around on the computer. I have slipped a little cleaning and cooking in there so I don't feel totally worthless!

It has felt soooooooooooooo good to just be kind of lazy!  I always go full speed 10-12 hours a day and I am actually enjoying not feeling like I ALWAYS have to be doing something constructive. 

Hopefully I won't get too used to it!!!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am Being Featured

I am so very excited about being featured in Great Finds  madeformebyoaklie.com/greatfinds.html.  You will find a button to the right of this post that you can click on that will take you to a voting area.  If I win I will receive a free ad by Helping Hands Graphic Design or a custom banner set for my  shop.I can also win  a free featured spot on The Gift Shop Handmade Directory and the On Fire Gift Guide scrolling marquees. 

I feel so honored to be included with so many amazing and talented artists. 

Please check it out tomorrow - October 29th.  I would love to have your vote if you feel my piece is the best.  Thank you so much. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shop right from the blog

You can now shop for anything that is in our Artfire store right here from the blog with Rapid Cart. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Backyard Fun

What a wonderful night it was!  The Nest's Backyard Soiree - Wonderful, amazing, talented vendors, a beautiful backyard, yummy nibbles, and to die for blackberry margaritas!!!  I don't think it gets any better than this. 

We had amazing jewelry

Wonderful vintage items from pillows to furniture

It was so much fun and we got to spend time with amazing friends - and even made a few sales!!  Diane and Monica of The Nest  are awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Tools

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am like a kid on Christmas morning when I get new tools in the mail!!! 

I had the BEST day today because I got to put out all of the new tools I have gotten in the last couple of weeks.  I haven't been spending much time at the studio lately because during the summer months I have my 13 year old grandson with me during the week, and he just isn't too much into watching Grandma work on jewelry! 

Anyway, I finally had a day to myself so I high tailed it over here to the studio this morning and started unpacking boxes.  Oh, what a fun time I had!! 

I set up my jump ring maker and disc cutter: 

Then I set up my new drill press

I also have a new flex shaft, but I couldn't put it up today because - silly me - I didn't order the stand for it!!  Got that ordered today, so hopefully will have it up and running soon!

My darling hubby got the vent hood installed last week, so now I can vent out some of those yucky smells that occur when you are torching things. 

I am holding my first class in the studio next Saturday, July 9th - Metal etching!!  I am so excited that it is finally coming together and becoming what I had dreamed of. 

I can't wait for tomorrow because then I will actually have time to play with all of my new tools!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Open Letter To Etsy

I am posting this open letter to Etsy that was written by a team member of the Aspiring Metalsmiths Team.  It is absolutely unbelievable what Etsy has done to this lady.  She has (had) an amazing shop with over 2000 sales and never a negative feedback or complaint.  THEY CLOSED HER SHOP!!!  All on the word of 1 customer who had already posted positive feedback for the product she received. 

Please read the letter and you will see the entire chain of events.  If you are as shocked - and mad- as I am about the way this amazing Etsy shop owner is being treated, copy and post this letter on your blog.   It seems that the only way Etsy is going to listen is if this thing goes viral and they end up with a lot of really pissed off shop owners. 

Dear Etsy,
As much as I hate to bring our personal business into the public realm, you really have given me no choice. Phone calls, emails, and a fax have gone unanswered.

Here are the facts as backed up by transaction #, feedback left, and times and dates of convo's:
Jan 25th, 2011 - Transaction ID 42491682 - Sterling Silver Hammered Cuff Bracelet was ordered by buyer. It was shipped on 1/28./11 via USPS 1st Class Mail International.
Many convo's back and forth regarding shipping delay due to horrible weather on the east coast, and Canadian customs. I felt so bad about the shipping delay, and while she seemed to understand and was a congenial customer, I offered to send her a free sterling cuff as I felt bad about the delay. Sent new bracelet on 2/13/11.
Feb 17, 2011  - Positive feedback left for transaction:
Item was delayed in shipping but that was beyond sellers control. She compensated for the delay and was an open communicator. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her store again.
At the time, I felt I was being played, as she suddenly received the 1st bracelet after I shipped the 2nd free bracelet. I thought "Oh Well, live and learn".

March 9, 2011 - received convo from buyer that free bracelet had not arrived. Told her to please let me know when it arrived.

May 4, 2011 - Received a very rude convo from buyer saying she still had not received her free bracelet. (2 months later??)

May 4, 2011 - Buyer files a dispute with Etsy. Dispute uses transaction ID# for the original piece she purchased, received, loved, and left positive feedback for.

May 4th - May 31, 2011 - Many replies on dispute page between buyer and seller. She was rude, defametory, and liable. She will not close the case until I send her another bracelet.

June 1, 2011 - Etsy closed my shop due to the dispute.

June 1 , 2011 to present - Many emails to etsy support, phone messages left on Etsy's voicemail, and a fax sent to their fax number - no response whatsoever.

I have tried really hard not to become angry over this. Everytime I log on to Etsy, I get a notice telling me my shop has been suspended, and to please check my email for more details. I have checked my email, my spam folder, etc - and have not received a single email from Etsy regarding this issue (other than the updates to the Claim posted by the buyer). When I go to read the forum for my metalsmithing team, there is a message that tells me "You don't have permission to participate in this discussion." - talk about demeaning. One would think that Etsy would at least evaluate a complaint for merit before closing down a successful shop with over 2000 sales, and over 1200 positive feedback. The buyer has 6 feedback, and should be banned for falsifying a claim, if not for her vitriolic, abusive convo's.

Etsy, I want to believe that no one there knows what is going on - that this is all some kind of automated computer program thing. I will really be angry if I find out that there is someone there that knows the details of this mess, and is choosing to allow it to continue. Part of being in a handmade community is actually being human. Maybe I should just go over to artfire and market myself there, as well as let all my 2000 buyers know why I left Etsy. I don't want to be that kind of person, but I feel my hand is being forced by your unresponsiveness. After 3 years, I deserve a response.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Artfire Shop

Sales have completely tanked lately on etsy, so we are trying another site called Artfire.  I have attached a link to the right that will take you to our Artfire Shop.  We are also keeping our etsy shop for now.  I will be adding new products to both shops. 

I have really become disillusioned with etsy.  They just keep changing everything and most of the changes have not been for the betterment of the sellers, which I don't understand at all as etsy was started for that very purpose.  It would seem that a lot of these changes would be shooting themselves in the foot because if we don't sell, they don't make as much money either.  I don't understand why, when something is working, the powers to be can't just leave it alone.  Why do they feel that they have to keep changing everything? 

Anyway, we are starting to look for other avenues to sell our jewelry and will be looking at starting our own website in the hopefully near future.  So for now, please check out both our etsy shop and our Artfire shop for wonderful new jewelry pieces. 

We want to thank our truly wonderful and loyal customers who continue to support our effort.  It gets very discouraging at times when the sales just don't happen, but then we do a local show and our wonderful customers arrive and give us such amazing feedback and buy new pieces of jewelry and we feel encouraged again.  Thank you. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something New

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  I had a good day.  I did something today that I NEVER do.  I got up, cooked breakfast for my husband and then I went back to bed!  I didn't get up until 11 am!  That felt so good.  I have been pushing myself pretty hard getting ready for The Burlap Harlot Show and Roses and Rust, and I just ended up absolutely exhausted. 

I spent the afternoon sewing, which is something I don't do much of anymore.  Not because I don't like to sew, I actually love to sew, but because I just never have time.  I want to have some new and fun things to sell at the upcoming shows - something besides jewelry, so I spent the afternoon making adorable burlap gift bags.  The ones I made today are small, about 5" x 8".  I plan on making some a little larger if I can find the time.  They aren't quite done - I still have to put handles on them, so I am not posting a picture yet. 

I spent yesterday doing something new too.  I was just burned out on making jewelry and I was sitting in the studio staring at a basket full of vintage flatware wondering what I could do with the larger pieces.  I decided to pound the heck out of them and flatten them.  Then I heated them and turned the handles up to make a hook.  I stamped words on them and they became hooks for various items.  I will also be selling these at The Burlap Harlot Show and Roses and Rust.  I have another idea that I will work on tomorrow. 

I had a couple of other ideas pop into my head today too.  I'm excited to be doing something New. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creative Idea Theft


I decided to do an article for our blog about "Creative Idea Theft", because as artisans we will all deal with having our ideas stolen at some point. It is so frustrating to have this happen because you put so much of yourself into your creative thinking. To have someone come along and look at what you have done and go "Oh I love that, I'm going to do it", and then they turn around and make and sell the very same thing, is very disheartening.
I have had people say that I should take it as a compliment that someone likes my designs enough to copy them.......well I don't.........I look at it as theft.

And that's not to say that it isn't ok to follow trends and styles or to see a "look" that you like and then come up with your own designs in relation to that style, but to "copy" what someone else has spent time and mental energy on is just wrong. It's very unprofessional and unethical.

How can we protect ourselves from this? Unfortunately, it is almost impossible. You cannot copyright an idea, only a tangable product and to get a copyright for each and everything you make would be expensive and very time consuming. So, I guess all we can do is hope that there are not too many unethical people out there.

I know everytime I do a show there will be at least one person that says to their friend, "Oh, I can make that". They probably won't though - at least not to sell. But for people who are in the business of selling what they make and they turn around and start selling what they have copied -- it's just wrong.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Bezel

I have been doing a happy dance all afternoon!!  I have been wanting to learn how to make a bezel and set stones for a long time, but have always been afraid to try it.  Well, today I said to heck with it, the worst I can do is ruin a piece of copper.  So, I went for it.  

I had a piece of copper that I had already designed and etched, so I measured the bezel wire around my stone, cut it and filed the ends.  Next was the soldering.  Mind you, I am not very good at soldering yet, but it worked perfectly!!!  So, by this time I am feeling pretty darn good.  

Next it was time to solder the bezel to the copper piece...........oh my, I was getting scared.  I put both pieces into the pickle solution to get them really clean, centered the bezel and added the flux and solder.  I remembered that I needed to heat the entire piece evenly and as I was moving my torch around the piece the solder melted and flowed like a river!!  Oh my gosh, I had done it!!!  

This would be happy dance time!  I was so excited!!  

Ok, so I had to calm myself down because there was still one very important element to this project..............the stone had to fit.  It did!!! 

Another happy dance!!!  

I know my piece is not perfect, but to me it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!  I can't wait to do it again.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Medal Day

Today was medal day at the Special Olympics basketball tournament. 

Kaidee's team played one game - which they lost, but that's ok because then we had time to go to lunch before the medals ceremony. 

Heck, I don't even know where Kaidee's team placed in the tournament and nobody cared about that.   They all had such a wonderful time and were so proud of themselves............that is all that matters.  Everybody was so excited to get their medals, they didn't care one bit what color they were. 

The energy level in that gym was amazing.  Everybody was hooting and hollering and clapping for everybody else............such an amazing experience. 

Here is Kaidee and one of her best friends wearing their medals. 

I have such a smile in my heart right now. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Special Young Lady

About a year ago a very special young lady came into our lives.  Her name is Kaidee.  Kaidee is my step-granddaughter.    Today I had the honor of seeing Kaidee play basketball in a tournament put on by the Special Olympics. 

I felt such joy while watching these amazing people play with so much determination and enjoyment.   The smiles on their faces as they ran up and down the court are unforgettable.  Their excitement when they made  a basket was contagious.   Their spirit...........amazing! 

Kaidee loves to have the basketball, even it means taking it from one of her own team mates............she's awesome!!!   Notice the green Converse tennis shoes????    Love her style! 

The tournament continues tomorrow and at the end of the day all of the participants will receive a medal.  I am so looking forward to that moment. 

I am so happy to have Kaidee  and her smiles and hugs in my life. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally - A Full Day In The Studio

Bobbi and I finally had a full day in the studio.  It seems like there is always something coming up lately to keep one of us out of the studio.  Since Bobbi still works full-time I get to be there a lot more than she does, but we haven't actually been able to work there at the same time for awhile.  That thing called life keeps getting in the way. 

We had a great time today.  We started out getting a bunch of our boxes decorated - Yes, we send our jewelry out in beautifully hand decorated boxes.  After creating all of those amazing boxes we were hungry so off to lunch.  After lunch we got back and Bobbi went to work on this amazing necklace. 

I started working on a piece for our new series called "Inspirations".  It was going perfectly ........and then......DISASTER!  I wasn't paying attention (I was talking) and I stamped the wrong word.  There went that piece of copper!!  Obviously, I can't talk and work at the same time...........at least not efficiently.   I was so mad.  I decided to leave that project alone for a little while and thought I would finish up an etched cuff I had started last week. 

The day ended up being rather successful.    Have to meet with the accountant in the morning (taxes) and then I can get back to the studio and see if I can manage to make my "Inspirations" piece. 

Beautiful Treasury

One of our fabric cuffs was included in this beautiful treasury.


Friday, March 11, 2011

The Burlap Harlot Show

The members of the Burlap Harlot Show team are working hard to bring Shasta County an amazing antique/vintage/art show.  The show will be held at the Shasta County Fairgrounds on Saturday May 7th.   We are anticipating having between 75 and 100 vendors.  There will be music, wine, beer and wonderful food. 

We already have some  amazing artists, jewelry artists, and vendors of vintage and antique wares signed up.  We will be taking applications until April 1st.  This is a juried show.  If you are interested in being a vendor you can comment on this blog with your email and I will get an application to you. 

The fliers started going out to local businesses today and our blog is up and running - www.theburlapharlotshow.blogspot.com.  Follow along with us on this journey.  We will be posting stories about what the Burlap Harlot Show is, who the vendors will be, and pictures of the art and vintage wares you can expect to find there.   

This is the first of what will be a semi-annual show.  We are a grassroots group starting this up with nothing but a passion for all things beautiful and a desire to share these wonderful things with everyone.

Within the next few days I will also be posting the vendors and pictures on my blog.  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Perfect Find

I don't know about all of you, but I get so excited (I'm talking little kid at Christmas excited) when I find something that is absolutely PERFECT.  Bobbi and I had one of those days today.  We were looking for the perfect display piece for our booth at Oregon Street Antique Mall.  We looked all day yesterday and finished the day disappointed and a little depressed because the piece had to perfect and it had to be cheap.  

Today we decided to check out a little shop in Cottonwood called Etc Mercantile.  They had moved to a new location and were having the re-grand opening.  We walked in to such a warm greeting, goodies, hot apple cider and amazing stuff to look at. 

In the back room of the store was the PERFECT piece of display furniture for our booth.  We were both giddy with excitement!!  It had the height we wanted and 2 levels so our display could be stacked, AND it was the perfect price!   As we looked around the store we found so many wonderful items and of course we just had to have a few of these to "spice" up our booth space.  

This Perfect piece is the little 2 tiered desk on the right.  Isn't it amazing???

After all that excitement we decided to have some lunch and refuel.  We hit a couple more of our usual places and found a wedding dress for $10!!!!  We've been looking for one to put on our mannequin for taking pictures of wedding jewelry.  The day just couldn't get any better.

We then headed to Oregon Street Antiques to put the finishing touches on our space.  We are pretty pleased with it.