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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Special Young Lady

About a year ago a very special young lady came into our lives.  Her name is Kaidee.  Kaidee is my step-granddaughter.    Today I had the honor of seeing Kaidee play basketball in a tournament put on by the Special Olympics. 

I felt such joy while watching these amazing people play with so much determination and enjoyment.   The smiles on their faces as they ran up and down the court are unforgettable.  Their excitement when they made  a basket was contagious.   Their spirit...........amazing! 

Kaidee loves to have the basketball, even it means taking it from one of her own team mates............she's awesome!!!   Notice the green Converse tennis shoes????    Love her style! 

The tournament continues tomorrow and at the end of the day all of the participants will receive a medal.  I am so looking forward to that moment. 

I am so happy to have Kaidee  and her smiles and hugs in my life. 

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