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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally - A Full Day In The Studio

Bobbi and I finally had a full day in the studio.  It seems like there is always something coming up lately to keep one of us out of the studio.  Since Bobbi still works full-time I get to be there a lot more than she does, but we haven't actually been able to work there at the same time for awhile.  That thing called life keeps getting in the way. 

We had a great time today.  We started out getting a bunch of our boxes decorated - Yes, we send our jewelry out in beautifully hand decorated boxes.  After creating all of those amazing boxes we were hungry so off to lunch.  After lunch we got back and Bobbi went to work on this amazing necklace. 

I started working on a piece for our new series called "Inspirations".  It was going perfectly ........and then......DISASTER!  I wasn't paying attention (I was talking) and I stamped the wrong word.  There went that piece of copper!!  Obviously, I can't talk and work at the same time...........at least not efficiently.   I was so mad.  I decided to leave that project alone for a little while and thought I would finish up an etched cuff I had started last week. 

The day ended up being rather successful.    Have to meet with the accountant in the morning (taxes) and then I can get back to the studio and see if I can manage to make my "Inspirations" piece. 

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