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Lorie Lynn Designs was created in memory of a dear friend, Lorie York, who died of breast cancer in 2006. We donate 10% of our sales to local breast cancer programs.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's another one of those "I can't fall asleep" kind of nights, and while I was sitting here checking out Facebook and Pintrest, I got to thinking about my poor neglected blog.  I keep saying I am going to be more proactive with my blog and then it kind of goes by the wayside again. 

I have decided that I want to post at least once a week and would LOVE to post 2 or 3 times a week.  I also want to post about more than just jewelry and jewelry related topics, so I have decided to change the format of my blog to include more of my life and some of the other things I love to do besides create jewelry. 

My Father-in-law passed away in October and left us his house.  We debated quite a bit about whether we would sell, it, rent it out, or move into it.  Well, it was always my father-in-law's wish that we live in this house, but the house needs a lot of work.  It's a great house, with great bones, but it needs serious updating and we said that we were never going to take on another remodel.  You see, every house my husband and I have owned has had to have a major overhaul.  It was great fun for us when we were younguns, but we're getting up in years now and it just isn't so much fun anymore. 

Anyway, we made the decision to do as Dad wished and we have moved into the house.  So, my new blog series is going to be the journey of making this house our home.  We have already started on a couple of projects, so I will start posting some pictures.  Maybe blogging about it will make it seem more fun and not so much like a LOT of work!! 

So, standby by for the trials and tribulations of our newest remodel project and have fun with us along the way. 

Hey, I think maybe I can get to sleep now.  Good night