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Lorie Lynn Designs was created in memory of a dear friend, Lorie York, who died of breast cancer in 2006. We donate 10% of our sales to local breast cancer programs.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Artfire Shop

Sales have completely tanked lately on etsy, so we are trying another site called Artfire.  I have attached a link to the right that will take you to our Artfire Shop.  We are also keeping our etsy shop for now.  I will be adding new products to both shops. 

I have really become disillusioned with etsy.  They just keep changing everything and most of the changes have not been for the betterment of the sellers, which I don't understand at all as etsy was started for that very purpose.  It would seem that a lot of these changes would be shooting themselves in the foot because if we don't sell, they don't make as much money either.  I don't understand why, when something is working, the powers to be can't just leave it alone.  Why do they feel that they have to keep changing everything? 

Anyway, we are starting to look for other avenues to sell our jewelry and will be looking at starting our own website in the hopefully near future.  So for now, please check out both our etsy shop and our Artfire shop for wonderful new jewelry pieces. 

We want to thank our truly wonderful and loyal customers who continue to support our effort.  It gets very discouraging at times when the sales just don't happen, but then we do a local show and our wonderful customers arrive and give us such amazing feedback and buy new pieces of jewelry and we feel encouraged again.  Thank you. 


Relished Artistry said...

I hope that your Artfire shop goes well--I have a shop on both sites as well. The Artfire shop system is certainly more versatile, offering a wider variety of payment options, space for an expanded bio with pictures, a blog option, and fun little "certifications" for different kinds of work. Personally, I think I like it a lot more than Etsy.

Etsy, however, does have more traffic simply because of it's name. They're now part of the public consciousness, whereas Artfire isn't yet. But give it time--even Ebay's popularity waned!

There is the school of thought that having two store sites splits your clientele, but I don't believe it. The users are quite different--you'll find a much more concentrated artistic community at Artfire, where Etsy is interested in capturing a much more generic customer. If you're lookign to narrow your consumer base to a more specific (and possibly more probable) purchasing demographic then Artfire is the way to go. You may find that you're actually making more sales!

Good luck! : )

Viki said...

Thank you, that is very encouraging! I have a lot to learn about Artfire still, but I already like it a lot.

Nancy@BridalVeilsAnsAccessories.com said...

After My 3 Etsy stores were closed, each was different categories! I was told that it was because one of my stores did not meet certain rules. I opened my own online store but the traffic is nothing compared to ETSY's, Are working really hard in opening A new Social Commerce where ALL sellers have a free worried atmosphere. www.TrEmbu.com stands for Teaming Resources & Entrepreneurs Managing Business Undertaking!
Now It is very hard and dont know once ready what would be fair for seller as far as fees and stuff.