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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scoop on new studio

 I know I have dropped a few hints to some people about what is happening in the near future with our studio.  Well, here is the scoop!  Over the next couple of  months we will be remodeling our studio space.  We are going to open up a full time studio!!  So excited!!!

Here is some of the plan:  we are building work stations along 2 walls and will have separate areas for torch work, soldering, grinding, hammering, and assembly.  We will also be building work tables in the center of the room to use during classes (yes, I said classes!!), and for studio time.  There is one little kink in our plan though, I have to have shoulder surgery on December 3rd which will put me out of commission for a few weeks.  Hopefully I can con family members into doing the work while I give directions :). 

We will be offering classes in all types of jewelry construction; beading, soldering, riveting, cold connections, resin, assemblage, etc.  It is possible that we will start offering other types of classes in the future, such as; knitting, crocheting, painting, collage, etc....

The other thing that we are extremely excited about is that we will be offering studio time, a place for artists to work.  We will come out with more information on this (pricing and schedule) a little later. 

So, start thinking of classes you would like to take, or maybe classes you would like to teach!!  Please contact Bobbi or I if you are interested in teaching a class. 

We are hoping to have the new studio up and running around the first of the year.  What an exciting way to start 2011!

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